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Are you worried about your business?
As an independent natural products retailer, you may be better able to defend yourself than some of your larger competitors.
Here's why...
If you’ve ever asked for nutritional advice at a supernatural store, you know what you get, at best, is a shallow conversation. The same is true for vitamin chain stores. And conventional grocery stores? Forget about it! Well, today’s new millennial natural shoppers aren’t dummies. They know where to go for high-quality, in-depth nutritional advice: your store.
While Whole Foods struggles to attract new millennial shoppers, those same millennials seek out you—the independent natural products retailer—for your superior nutritional knowledge!
Now, I know it’s frustrating for you to give away free advice to freeloading, ungrateful shoppers. (Please see the cartoon by my good friend Jeff Danziger, above.)
But here’s the deal: for every one of those new millennial customers who pumps you for information then shops online, there are 77 million—the largest generation in our history—more! Converting them into buyers is your challenge.
Where do these millennials work? Do they give away their time and expertise for free? Of course not! To convert info-seeking shoppers into buyers, you can add key tools to support your nutrition team on the front lines. Make them more persuasive. More powerful.
Did you know that nutrition researchers won the Nobel Prize in science by demonstrating that zinc shut down the immune response when the invading pathogen was neutralized? Or that vitamin C triggered apoptosis in radiation-resistant cancer cells, while leaving nearby healthy cells undisturbed? Did you know—contrary to popular belief—it is not possible for vitamin E to accumulate to toxic levels in the liver or other tissues because two systems in the liver excrete excess amounts?
How important is it that your customers know these recent discoveries in nutrition? How important is it for you—the one remaining true nutritional expert serving the American public—to be armed with this powerful knowledge?
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When you give your team this powerful tool, you boost their confidence, and increase the chances they will successfully ask for and get the sale. Right now. When your customer can start using the products immediately, instead of waiting for an online shipment.
You need to be on the internet, too. And that’s why all our nutritional studies are available for you to post online on your website, social media, email and blogs.
Want to find out more? Please call me toll-free at, 1.800.328.0855, or email me at to set up a time for us to chat. You deserve to succeed!